Our Dogs: Bear and Bruno

Bear and Bruno - the "starting line-up". They will each have their own page, once we take pictures of them at work. These two are together because they have worked together from the beginning. You can't imagine the attention they both get when they come into a school building.

Bear was punished brutally because he liked the birds that flew around his house. And, he is a, yes, a golden retriever! He has a beautiful home now. In classes, he seems to know just who in the class needs a nudge or a paw. He really will stay at the desk of a child who HE believes is wanting some extra attention. We think he is magic.

Bruno was found as a little guy. Can you imagine that? He was found starving, dehydrated and very sick. He had been purchased as a puppy, but definitely not wanted or cared for. He is now living in a wonderful home and is the best friend of a 3 year old little girl. Gentle giant, indeed. He has this innate ability to meet every single student in a class before he drops down to the cool floor and takes a nap.





Peace on earth starts with how we treat the weakest or most voiceless among us.

Cheri Brown Thompson
Attorney at law
Healing Species Founder