Friends of Healing Species

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Most, however know firsthand the healing, therapeutic power of a pet and find the Healing Species results fascinating and life changing. They are also individuals who know that the cycle of violence, ignorance, crime and "returning hate for hate" is passed down from generation to generation. They believe these cycles and mentalities can be intercepted and thwarted through Healing Species' one of a kind, life altering, and proven effective education and outreach program.

Our message of hope and healing is a powerful one. Our volunteers are committed to bringing this message to communities all across Texas. We have unique opportunities for volunteering.

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The backbone of any non-profit are the fundraisers. These are the people who create, prepare and deliver the events that bring attention to the mission and the funding to continue its existence. Our guild, the Friends of Healing Species is currently working on bringing the national event Barkitecture to the Woodlands. Builders donate their time and talent to construct safe, comfortable and interesting doghouses that are placed in shopping malls to be raffled off at Christmas.

Throughout the year, the Friends will work with the board to coordinate additional events and opportunities for Healing Species to grow and serve.

Auxillary Board

Our Auxillary Board works closely with the Board of Directors to maximize public relations and good will in the community. These special people have a reputation of integrity and service in the State of Texas. They are our "ambassadors". Many have an interest in speaking to groups about the Healing Species work and they have been especially pleased to get to bring one of "the assistants" to the presentation.

Classroom Assistant

The Healing Species curriculum is a proven, results based program. It relies on the proper implementation to be effective and successful. Each instructor is evaluated through a fidelity check list that keeps her true to the lesson plan. This ensures that all standards are met for every lesson-implementation.

Our Classroom Assistants get the opportunity to experience the implementation and be a part of the success through assisting as the fidelity instructor. Many times, these are individuals interested in becoming a trained, paid instructor. They are also a great help with the canine assistants.


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The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.


Edmund Burke