Healing Species Founding Chapter

The Healing Species is an 11-week, "Standardized-Testing aligned" violence intervention/character education program approved by the State Department of Education, used in scores of schools across SC (reaching over 3,500 students), and now existing with satellite chapters in Seattle Washington, Greenwich Connecticut, and Miami Florida, with expanding developments in numerous other states.


Friends Of Montgomery County Texas Animal Shelter

Friends of Montgomery County Tx Animal Shelter (FMCTAS) is dedicated to saving and providing medical assistance to the animals at the shelter, located at 8535 Highway 242, just east of I-45.


Kinky Friedman's Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch

Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, started by Kinky Friedman, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit "never-kill" shelter that rescues abandoned and/or abused animals, nurtures them and places them with loving families.


Delta Society - The Human-Animal Health Connection

Delta Society can demonstrate that animals have the capabilities to assist their owners in exceptional ways, including acting as ears for those who cannot hear, eyes for those who cannot see, and arms and legs for those who have little or no use of their own.


Friends for Life

A dynamic 6 year old non-profit made up of veterinarians, lawyers, business people, architects, physicians, educators and trained shelter staff committed to offering Houston a real alternative to shelters that kill homeless animals.


Peace on earth starts with how we treat the weakest or most voiceless among us.

Cheri Brown Thompson
Attorney at law
Healing Species Founder