The Healing Species is designed to increase respectful and responsible behavior.

A Research Based, formal, normalized and validated evaluation was done of Healing Species and was published by the Journal of Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice.

It found that among the students receiving Healing Species, when no other intervention programs were, or had been implemented that:

  • Standardized Test Scores were raised
  • Out of school suspensions decreased by 55%
  • Retaliation and general aggression combined decreased by 62%
  • Choice making using empathy increased by 42%

School teachers and guidance counselors of Healing Species students report an 80-100% improvement in students' ability to appropriately respond to bullies, decrease violent behavior, and increase actions based on empathy.

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Peace on earth starts with how we treat the weakest or most voiceless among us.

Cheri Brown Thompson
Attorney at law
Healing Species Founder