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online social and emotional learning for classrooms


Healing Species Texas has partnered with Dogs of Character, the national school assembly program to create the 8-14 online lesson series Homeroom Dog.

Working with school districts, we were asked to continue the concepts and lessons that addressed the Social and Emotional needs of the children in Elementary and Middle School.  


  • Introductory Video of Lesson Dog

  • Interactive Enrichment Activities

  • Real Time Lesson with Homeroom Dog

  • Literature Connection

  • Advocacy/Service Learning Project

We begin with the stories of 8 special dogs who are introduced through recorded video. The lessons continue live with our instructors who reinforce and enrich the lessons accompanied by the "homeroom dog."

Each lesson is 20 minutes and depending on the campus platform we are able to teach classrooms or individual home students.

Price upon request.

character education taught with the HELP of rescued dogs


We wondered the same thing when we were asked by Spring ISD to "consider" presenting the program virtually.  How do you bring the same level of energy and interest without being in the classroom with theses amazing dogs and students.  How can you manage several classrooms online and students who are learning from home.  We had to become creative and flexible and tech saavy.  Enlisting a very talented video producer was the first step.  He brought the dogs that could not be in school "in school virtually".  Students met these dogs through short videos and learned about their rescue, their lives and their teaching.  We then enlisted our own homeroom dogs.  They stay with us on laps, on dog beds, on furniture (shhhh) and were present to greet the children every week.  Our favorite lessons were those where the students at home showed their own pups to us and the class!  That was a special surprise we hadn't expected but cherish.


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