In the legal arena, violent crimes are referred to as 'depraved heart' crimes. Let us, therefore, address and repair the heart. Let us start with the children." - Cheri Brown Thompson, Attorney at Law, Healing Species Founder 

Healing Species Texas Chapter is a satellite of the founding organization Healing Species in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Through several years of research and personal interviews with convicted violent offenders, Cheri Brown Thompson, discovered that all of the violent offenders had two things in common: 1) they were abused as children, and 2) they first "acted out" abuse on the only creatures more vulnerable than they, animals.


As a law student, Cheri Brown Thompson discovered the relationship between animal cruelty and human violence. This realization led to the founding principles of the Healing Species. Thompson gave up practicing law in 1999 and continues to serve with no pay as the Executive Director of the Healing Species.

Today Healing Species is growing nationally with expansion projects in five states.


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