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dogs of character
the assembly

By recognizing the innate love children have for dogs, we are able to teach the concepts of Social and Emotional learning through the stories and life lessons of these amazing rescued dogs.  ​Dogs of Character has travelled all over Texas reaching over 20,000 children.  Since 2010, this program has had the opportunity to work in school districts in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Houston.  

Each dog in the cast is a rescue who can reach children in the most meaningful and inspiring ways, sharing their stories of how they have overcome tremendous odds and now are giving back.

The Assembly:

  • 45 minute Presentation introducing 3-7 special dogs

  • Interactive 

  • Posters for Campus

  • Enrichment activities available to download to use throughout the year

  • Classroom visits 

Price is $1500 for (2) back to back 45 minute presentations.  


If you have scrolled through the photo gallery you will see there are all kinds of dogs.  Some short, some tall, some furry, some not so furry, some one eyed, some 3 legged and even some dressed like frogs!  They all have one thing in common.....they love meeting the children!  They physically drag their people out of the car from the school parking lot because they know what they will be getting to do.

Assemblies are a BLAST!  They give an entire campus a happy and inspiring event.  It doesn't end when we leave the school though.  We leave the campus with the DOGS OF CHARACTER blog where classrooms can meet new pups that have been added to the program and learn what each one teaches.  


how many dogs?

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