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Social and Emotional Learning Volunteer
Social and Emotional Learning, Character Education, Humane Education, Therapy Dogs
school sponsored social and emotional learning


All of our instructors are accompanied by an assistant who helps with classroom activities, but who has the most important job of caring for and tending to the canine assistant.  Often our assistants are using this opportunity to learn about the program but also sharing their pup.


The waiting list for a Healing Species Texas program has grown in the last several years.  We welcome any efforts to fundraise for the continuation of the program. 

Sponsor a school

You have the ability to be a corporate sponsor to many of our campuses that are on the waiting list for the program.  For the Corporate Package or a presentation from our Director 

Work with us

We are sort of a fun bunch.  Well, we can't
help being happy when you get to go to work
with dogs and get to see the smiling faces of the
children.  Our instructors are trained to work in all settings and enjoy the added benefit of working with their dog.



Our Assistants get to bring their dog to work!


Help a School

Become a Sponsor of a school on  the waiting list!

Work with your dog

Do you have a rescue dog that would love to visit with children?

By Email

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