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Healing Species Texas has expanded the program offerings after 14 years of teaching The Foundation Program to school districts and juvenile detention facilities. We have added 2 new programs:

Project P.a.w.

We were asked to pilot our program to The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD. This has enabled us to teach adults in Residential Treatment Centers and Outpatient settings. Our concepts of courage, resilience, empathy and healing are universal and we have successfully transitioned our curriculum to the teaching of adults. Pups Assisting Wellness

Juvenile compassion outreach rescue dogs
Rescue dogs healing species texas compassion

Project C.a.l.m.

Each visit to a school or facility with our dogs was met with smiles and happiness. We were often asked to visit a campus that had endured a trauma and had teachers and staff greatly affected by it.

We created Project C.A.L.M. Canine Assisted Lighted Moods for this reason. Of course, our pups light moods, but we share a compilation of the healing lessons that we teach in Foundation with the staff. This isn't pet therapy; it is a lesson with activities and practices meant to be used in times of stress and trauma.

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